Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting A Calling Card In Jamaica Going To Jamaica On Monday What Is The Best Way To Talk To Relatives Back In The States?

Going to Jamaica on Monday what is the best way to talk to relatives back in the states? - getting a calling card in jamaica

Compay I contacted my cell phone and a service that costs $ 5.99 per month, then $ 1.49, $ 1.69 per minute. This is only important to my phone at any time, unless you're using.

Then I saw the thing with GoPhone prepaid cell phone. Its $ 89.99 for phone service and the price is almost the same price per minute.

The only thing I know is the calling card. I've heard good and bad.

Someone also told me that you have a cell phone while in Jamaica can rent? If this is true, then I have not heard from him.

Thank you for the time to read and send. I really appreciate it.


Wally Z said...

Called from the hotel room that will be enough? No, I do not recommend the hotel telephone. If the hotel has an Internet connection and you have a laptop, you can an Internet phone like Vonage, which should be no additional cost (I think) on the normal room rate.

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