Monday, February 15, 2010

Whats The Best Thing To Put Inside A Blunt Whats The Best Way To Do This?

Whats the best way to do this? - whats the best thing to put inside a blunt

If you have your first time, is what the best way to get to through the pain if UR boy puts his penis in you. Is it better to simply push it too fast or simply, slowly? And if I wanted a lot of hurt and tell him, just in a hurry and press that the security of one or pamper me would be? in this question because I am with another man, if not the first time, but the guy in the now much bigger than me and I've never really bleed or hurt when I made love for the first time, I think the question was not large enough.


Shannon said...

I'm a guy and I thought it might have some advice for girls / women are not .... but ... My suggestion is slowly getting better and after a long period of Forplay how his body is relaxed and time that you describe, record bigger penis. Here are some KY - the slippery material that they can be easily portable.

You did not say that it is not the first, but - in a compassionate and sensitive manner - let him know that they are slowly and carefully, and you should feel free to actually lead his fingers around your hand his penis, which slow down or stop like this for your wellbeing.

It may be that even for a little more fun and jokes, you slip your finger (in the balls, yes, intimacy, say), do not hurt me, or I will...... smiling voice.

It seems like a really great partner as a lover. And write well.


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