Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free Mandingo Video Post Why Do People Call He French Cheese Eating Surrendering Monkeys.?

Why do people call he french cheese eating surrendering monkeys.? - free mandingo video post

When I grew up in France, my old history professors that France has won many wars. The cross-Saxon wars, the first and third and fourth war Saintonge, Breton Succession War of the Hundred Years War, the wars of Italy, "Thirty years of war, the war for the transfer of the French-Dutch meeting King William's War of Spanish Succession, War of Quadruple Alliance War of the Polish the War of the Austrian Succession War of Succession, King George Carnatic War, American Revolution-All Coalition Wars (Napoleon was defeated by the Russian winter)-War of the Oranges from the Greek War of Independence, Franco Trazan Conqquest war in Algeria, the Crimean pastries Second Opium War between China and France-war Italian War of Independence Mandingo-wars-Sino-French war of Dahomey-French-Siamese War Boxer Rebellion Ouaddaï-WARR-World War I (with the help of a few. Americans came late, and the British have contributed less than half of what was done by France. But what was needed. Thnks) WWII (Free French Forces and fought back only half of France was occupied. I thank the Americans and Russians who saved us. And a little more

Therefore, I am not really understand why they call me a monkey eating cheese assignment. I want you to tell me what you think of my list. Thnks.

PS: No French jokes in the delivery of French military defeats. I know them all.


Purple Helen said...

I fear that America is a joke is bad enough.

According to Wikipedia the phrase was popularized in the Simpsons episode " 'Round Springfield" (first broadcast: 30 April 1995) [2]. Willie, the janitor of the school is teaching French due to budget cuts, wore a striped sweater and a cap. In a thick Scottish accent, his class with "Bonjourrrrrrrrr, yah cheese Eatin 'eating surrender monkeys greets! After the DVD commentary for the episode, the line was" very likely ", written by Ken Keeler.

The "delivery" component of the sentence refers to the stereotype that the French are quick on the delivery of military conflicts, which gained popularity since the Second World War. The implicit characterization the French as cowards and the description of the Battle of France as an assignment, as the channel "probably determined largely as highly offensive. It was again mentioned in the episode" The error looked Years "when Lenny said (like fear):" I tremble, French, like a soldier! "Cheese" food "component refers to the production of cheese and eat well known in France.

In the European Community to the French version of this episode of the Simpsons, the direction of William is described as "cheese-eating monkeys" (cheese-eating monkeys) without reference to the "capitulation." The line is not easily translated to as "rendition", a compound name in English. The rules of French syntax, notDo not reduce the formation of these lists of names, consisting of a noun.

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