Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Does Cm Increase Before Menstruation Cm In Early Pregnancy?

Cm in early pregnancy? - does cm increase before menstruation

What is cm, and in early pregnancy?

I had great water cm Wet / white / color of the last week / week and a half .... Create Me and My Time (CD 28, 15 DPO) is nothing
today when I went into the bathroom I wiped and it was clear EWCM cm seemed smooth ....

*** Has anyone ever been a greater amount of time before you lose inches and length of absence of menstruation, it is clear "EWCM" even though they are pregnant?

PS I have other signs and symptoms and high fever (without fever)


~Kim~ said...

I have 5 weeks and this is what I knew I was pregnant! It all started on the day after ovulation more. I had two weeks due to AF and that ovulation has just ended, so I knew that wash / cream discharge a sign of something. I had paid one U.S. dollars Tree test 7 days before AF is and have a BFP! I think it can! Good luck! PS. I had no other symptom that is not right!

Nina240 said...

There was an increase in cm before they become pregnant. But they usually get before my time, or when ovulation too. Cm is the same - white and odorless. Therefore, it is difficult to say for cm, if you are pregnant or not. Increase in cm (discharge) is normal during pregnancy. If you have 28 days cycle, you can take HRT in order to confirm this.

silly said...

I had this happen once ... and I really thought I was pregnant ... But it turned out that he does not ... I think wishful thinking. But figure out a way to ... if it does not appear today or tomorrow ... I would like to take a HPT and see what you mean!

Good luck!

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