Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What To Do For A Strained Hip Diagram Strained Hip Flexor And Frustrated!!!?

Strained Hip Flexor and frustrated!!!? - what to do for a strained hip diagram

I have a strained hip flexor and I wonder how long the cure for this time ...?
I handed enforcement of the hip flexors before 2 weeks. My itch (sp?) Muscle is very tense.
I put my hip, a chiropractor and has helped, but my itch is still very sore in the back, hips and it hurts when I do nothing, and so on foot in pain, in a car

Then, three days ago, I nearly slipped in the shower and caught my balance, but in fact, began his hip in the process. I feel the pain, I went back about a week or less.

I'm frustrated and I am wondering a few things:

1. How long is the typical time of healing from him?

2. What can I do for exercise now? (I'm crazy does not work ...) is a stationary bike in order?

Anyone with experience in this area or the medical education and training, please help! Thank you!


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