Monday, February 8, 2010

How Many Calories In Salad At A School Lunch How Many Calories Did I Eat, Or Was It Healthy?

How many calories did i eat, or was it healthy? - how many calories in salad at a school lunch

Breakfast 3 / 4 cup oats and natural peanut butter shake, and a bunch of grapes
Salad lunch in the school, including many vegetables, a boiled egg and fat free dressing ... then a bagel and skim milk
Then I worked for the school minutes after the 30th
low-fat yogurt snacks, Fig Newtons, skimmed milk
Tyson Crispy Chicken Dinner bands (I know, the bad guys are clean, but I had nothing else to do ... I have in the oven) and pea ...
Also, green tea and plenty of water

So, what's good today? How many calories? "


missbean... said...

Sounds like he is very good. If you ate a ton of chicken strips, you're under your calorie needs during the day and their food groups seems to fall very well.

Do not if you do not everything is everything "to eat healthy." A healthy diet is a matter of perception. The crispy chicken strips have a nutritional value, and when consumed in moderation, you will not cause any harm.

If you know exactly how many calories are

EDIT: If the calculations made by another poster is correct, you take fewer than 1,000 calories. That's really bad. A healthy person should be an average of 2,000 calories per day. An overweight person can be reduced to less than 2000 in order to lose weight, but you should never go below 1200 calories for some reason. You do not get enough calories just for the basic functioning of organs. Moreover, since only very few calories, you will feel weak, tired and weak after encodinge, and are more likely to binge. What you need to do is write down everything you usually eat (not diet) daily for one week. It calculates the calories in a week, just write everything down. At the end of the week, calculate the calories an average. Then, just cut from 300 to 400 calories per day. It's really easy to do ... eat a small portion, cut a soda or two small things. Cut one hundred calories per day and will take 30 minutes a day help you lose 2 to 3 pounds per week. Not much, but it's the kind of weight loss, stay away long, and you will be able to change your lifestyle and after natural.

heyhey21... said...

3 / 4 cup oatmeal with peanut butter-250
Green Salad-50
Skim milk-90 (surprisingly)
prepared - 130 calories
Tyson Crispy Chicken (1 strand) - 100
Green Tea-60

bo s said...

Seems healthy enough for me!

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