Friday, January 29, 2010

Watch Yen Vy Online Why Didn't Donnie Yen Finish Him With The Armbar?

Why didn't Donnie Yen finish him with the armbar? - watch yen vy online ...

I know it's a movie, and perhaps extend the scene of future combat to MMA.
It armbar, locks the ankle, the same number of four and a door.

I can not understand what an armbar is not enough to stop a fight.
Source: Flash Point - Donnie Yen by

I also wonder if someone moves all the MMA, there can name. Many


Lolcat said...

Yes, I ask myself when I saw him, but he put his finger there. But it has extended the fighting. It is a mistake.

The only film I know MMA is Never Back Down, which really is not. I think we can expect Cradle 2 The Grave, just because you mixed martial arts fighter in him.

Sensei Scandal said...

Bars arm, finger holds and all the other techniques described above are not the techniques of MMA!

These techniques are in China, Okinawa and the Japanese martial arts and Pankration, Sambo and more!

As a rising MMA will gradually increase what you really like, and research on the origins of art, before you here to ask stupid questions?

This is a movie! The script called for her! I do not even have the clip ... all I had to do was "Donnie Yen" for what it was!

Come on, guys!

No one should want from someone who has taught "learn" to "Mixed Martial Arts. Go and learn the mastery of the martial arts. If you have a solid base - 8 to 10 years in a real martial art, then go find someone with achieve a base as solid as he has worked hard, you can learn a little more than a train crossing, and with this person. lessons to know what you know and learn what they do.

Thus, the pieces are notTechniques. They have a huge arsenal. They have a solid foundation. You'll see what everyone else is not as complete as this.

Do It Right, need you!

If not, go play hockey or something like that.

There are many people here as questions. If you are with your training in China with a Master's why you're asking here, like an animal, the most frequently asked questions?

GO trains and forget that Donnie Yen has done or not done in a movie!

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