Saturday, January 2, 2010

Powermax Generator How And What Can I Do To Start A Generator That Is Located Outside My Home From The Inside?

How and what can I do to start a generator that is located outside my home from the inside? - powermax generator

I bought a generator and electric motor starts Powermax front of my house. I would like to place in my house, start from one place to start. Can anyone advise me what to do.


Bob said...

It leaves many questions unanswered.
1. Why do you want to start a generator in the house?
2. Are you connected to local power grid?
3. Do you have a transfer case to protect the electrical system from home?
4. What do the elements of this plan for the gene set.
5. To what extent is the home to Gen-set.

Remote start is possible.

A transfer case that the electrical system of the house and the generator set when protecting the local power grid / Services Comes Back On Line.

Say purchased - 5000 Watt Generator set you planning to fully implement 5000 Watt - 5000 Watt A gene present only about 3500 Watts 5000 Watts Complete ...

Answer questions 5 first and send information to

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