Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Forgot My Combination To My Master Lock I Forgot The Alt Key Combination For A White Smile Compatible For My System. Can You Help Me?

I forgot the alt key combination for a white smile compatible for my system. Can you help me? - i forgot my combination to my master lock

I know Alt + 1 Can I come with a white smile, but my keyboard does not work, or perhaps in the way my PC interacts with the Alt key codes. I have tried my chance to try different combinations of the ALT key, and I have to use a white smile. I'm sure it was alt + (three-digit numeric), but I forgot the combination and the power outage. Duhh! Pls. not recommended, the assignment of characters or the display of the symbol in MS Word, cuz I need the Alt-key combination Alt + 1 for these different smiley icon. A combination of the Alt key and three other characters. I'm sure. Thank you!


erwafred... said...

It happens to me too! I do not know. If you know u could tell me? Thanks
hope u find out ...

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