Monday, January 11, 2010

Student Loan Repayment Grants Does Anyone Know Of A Grant Program For Student Loans? Not Debt Consolidation, But Debt Repayment.?

Does anyone know of a grant program for student loans? Not debt consolidation, but debt repayment.? - student loan repayment grants

Like most people I have not read the fine print, and now Sallie Mae is my balls in a vise. I need to know if anyone knows of a program to pay grant from the federal government to Sallie Mae my fault? This question has already been published, but it seems that all points are always within the meaning of "debt consolidation". My goal is a program that is in all respects to repay the loan. Who some wisdom?


Doctor Deth said...

such a thing - a loan is a loan - you have to pay - student loans could be declared bankrupt or dismiss - but if you do not pay, you can receive your payment and tax refunds garnished Kiss Goodbye - trapped

What does he expect to say the small print? You do not have to repay the loan? Are you deceive us?

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