Monday, January 18, 2010

Country Villa Nursing Home I Want To Call A Villa In An Arab Country Pomegranate Villa. Is It Villa Al-rummanah Or Villa Al-rummanah?

I want to call a villa in an Arab country Pomegranate villa. Is it Villa Al-rummanah or Villa al-rummanah? - country villa nursing home

The only difference in the spelling of note is case-sensitive "vs." When "?

If you ask how you can write in Arabic, is not the limit, because the word is connected by what we do not have to write in capital in any way. (will not be used in the Arabic language, are separated only by the letters acrynoms)
The definite article "the" would be part of the word and not separated by a hyphen or space (is that while writing the words in Arabic, English)
that is, he would be writing Alrummanah الرمانه
But it is strange when you usually some kind of fruit or trees (to speak) that would Alrumman الرمان


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