Friday, January 22, 2010

Digital Tv Booster Just Bought A Digital Tv Stick For Laptop But Cant Get A Signal .anybody Know What Sort Of Booster Is Best.?

Just bought a digital tv stick for laptop but cant get a signal .anybody know what sort of booster is best.? - digital tv booster

put, if an antenna is part of the signal perfectly.


GÅÑDÅLƒ said...

Signal booster will not improve TV reception if they are mounted on bad air any TV, you must ensure that you start with a good signal

Wulff1e said...

I have DVB-T USB. The internal antenna is provided useless if you live near a station, is the solution, because they discovered that one on TV external Ariel.

Colinc said...

Digital signal requires a massive compared to analog. I have tried in good locations with indoor antennas leads and never more than 4 lines will, then, with long pauses in operation and is blocking the image.

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