Friday, December 18, 2009

Web Design Easy As 1 2 3 What Are Some Colleges Or Universities For A 2.5 Gpa High School Student In San Diego Or Close To San Diego?

What are some colleges or universities for a 2.5 gpa high school student in san diego or close to san diego? - web design easy as 1 2 3

I'm back in school and do college or university for 4 years with a student loan to visit. I wonder what are the universities that are not easy or hard in the junior, who distinguishes a 2.33 GPA. ok heres the story would be in a senior next year and here is my class.
1 - AP Government and Economics
2 - Algebra 2
3 - English 12
4-chemistry or physics or accelerated (after physics 1, but before the AP Physics)
5-Graphic Design
6 - Web Design
I did that all with AC or more and earn 2.50 GPA or better and less good, but something good in the action or SA will this affect my chances of a rate of college graduates enter high fall. I thought about a career in business or anything to do with the case of gas. good universities accept that my skills and have a good general education after graduation. I want to be sure that I graduate, I want a job, get the well paid


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