Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is There A Virus Going Around December 2009 I Have Been Sick For 2 1/2 Days!?!?! Any Doctor Out There Help!?

I have been sick for 2 1/2 days!?!?! Any Doctor out there help!? - is there a virus going around december 2009

Around the last week in December, I had the same thing I do now and the end of March. It's like a virus again. But every time I seem to be worse. I have pain in my liver clamping area and all my muscles. I lost my voice and breathe well pitched singing throat or nose. Once I had a sore throat 3 times in a year, but never realized. I always have problems with my throat. This time, however, I feel hungry and can hardly swollow milk or water or coke. Drinking water makes me really sick. I also have a high fever and was sweating a lot. I am not a doctor the first time I have, but I have the second and I tested for mono. I did not have mono, leaving shortly after I went to the doctor. I also noticed the second time that last longer than a week and the first time that lasted about 5 days and I was sick 2 days later, but missed the remainder to be that. It also often occurs around my period. What is possible?


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