Saturday, December 26, 2009

Goody Hair Accessories How Much Should Hair Accessories, Hats, And Other Little Goodies Be Sold For?

How much should hair accessories, hats, and other little goodies be sold for? - goody hair accessories

Now it seems that that I have a gift for making bows are pretty good, with ruffles / top hats / head pieces and accessories for Lolita. It is a coat I bought the very expensive, but my father lost his job, my mother is paid only $ 500 per month to get out that Christmas is the quesiton, I get a work permit. Even my parents do not want me for the inhabitants of the house, etc. So I decided to sell some things and do my hair, but I'm not sure whether the price. So far 3 people are interested in my hair stuff.

Here to give you an idea: ... ...


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