Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Index Of / Pic Girl (white Guys) Would You Ever Consider Dating A Black Girl. [pic Included]?

(white guys) would you ever consider dating a black girl. [pic included]? - index of / pic girl

Well, I am now in school and I only had 1 friend. (In the almost 20 * sob *) I'm sorry if I go out with friends and they have all their friends with them. As always the 3rd or 5 or wheel friggin 7th I smiled when I was scared, but I feel so sad inside.I hate me so much because I do not think that's good enough for everyone (why in only). I have a great personality, I think, and I'm super nice, but I'm very shy. As soon as someone comes to me to know more open. It was a white man in my anatomy, which showed little interest in me, and I tried to flirt, but I've never asked to leave. Well away to Cali, and I do not see him, I felt so bad, but I have yet to be overcome. But I do not think that anyone ever showed interest in me. I try to go out with friends and myself are available, but theres only so much I do. The more whites and Asians are attracted to, but I must take the first step? I'd rather not lol. What can I do? ...
(it's a decent image. Ifree time lol) ...


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