Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Complex Migraine More Condition_symptoms Any Migraine Suffers Have Success With Feverfew?

Any migraine suffers have success with feverfew? - complex migraine more condition_symptoms

I also take magnesium, B complex, vitamin A, melatonin, folic acid and calcium. All in an attempt to reduce my migraine. Anyone else have success with Vit and minerals?


research... said...

I take a multivitamin daily (prenatal vitamins now, when we try to understand) and prescription Tizandine (cable is a muscle relaxant I) In the past I feverfew daily for several months before the headache. There was no change in my head while taking feverfew. What I found is that I often burp and taste, as it was Feverfew. Just like grass / Herby. It was not pleasant. In fact, it was terrible!

The mine Tizandine seems a little help. They are by no means disappeared, but less intense. I tried soooo many medications and alternative treatments with little relief or not. At this point I'm probably the management of headaches with my best vitamins and Tizandine.

Bub said...

I'm lucky and get help Excedrin Migraine, but it's just me.

Bersu Solo said...

I've heard that using tea tree oil on the forehead Ure, or if you have pain or an antiseptic. U can Drugmart buyer or store food in bulk.
Good luck!

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